Frequently Asked Questions

How much cake do I need?

The amount of cake needed depends on the type of event, age of your guests and amount of other food being served. Generally portions are calculated according to dessert slices approximately 5x5cm and coffee slices approximately 2.5x5cm.

My party is on Sunday –will the cake be OK if I pick it up on Friday?

Cakes for weekend parties are collected on Friday.  We bake as late as possible and guarantee a fresh and fabulous cake for your Sunday event if stored as recommended.  Mini cupcakes, pavlova and lemon meringue cakes are not recommended for Sundays.

How do I store my cake?

Iced cakes are best stored at comfortable room temperature and should only be placed in the refrigerator if the indoor temperature is melting the icing.  

Fondant cakes should never be placed in the fridge.

My son has allergies – can you still make him a birthday cake?

We love to enable people with allergies to enjoy delicious, great quality treats! Please let us know in writing what to avoid specifically.  Although great care is taken to keep these items separate, we do bake with various allergens on the premises and therefore cannot accept responsibility for cross contamination.

Are your products kosher?

All our products are kosher and certified by Kosher Australia.  We produce items which are Parve (dairy free) and Dairy.  These are baked in separate kitchens using separate utensils. Our baked goods are not Cholov Yisroel.

How much does a birthday cake cost?

Cake prices vary significantly depending on the size, type of cake and decoration.  For Personalized Frosted Cakes and Edible Image Cakes click here to see our price/slice guide or contact us for a quote for Designer Cakes.

How long before my wedding do I need to order?

Please see our “Ordering Your Wedding Cake Guide

I have ordered a multi-tier cake – how do I cut it?

Multi-tiered cakes are constructed with internal supports – our diagram shows the inside of your cake.

  • To serve, lift each layer off the central support before cutting.
  • Remove any dowel rods then slice – square cakes can simply be cut in rows while larger circular cakes are best cut with this method.

View the inside multi-tier cake diagram

View the cutting circle cakes diagram

How do I transport my cake home?

Cakes are best transported on a flat surface and not on a passenger’s lap. A clear car boot is ideal.  Do not place on an angled seat (most need levelling).  Please note that we are not responsible for cakes once they have left the shop.

Do you deliver?

Delivery in Melbourne can be arranged for most items.

  • For regular items (up to 10kg) one week’s notice is preferable and delivery charges start at $16.
  • For wedding cakes and other large creations, one month’s notice is required and prices start at $150.
Can I freeze my leftover cake?

Our cakes freeze very well.  It is important to double wrap them with cling film or place them in a freezer-safe plastic container as soon as possible. Cakes should be defrosted slowly in the refrigerator the day before and used within 2 days. Some decorations will not look as good as before but the cake will still taste great.

Can you copy the cake I found on Pinterest?

We do not make exact replicas of other people’s cakes but are happy to take inspiration from many different sources to create a custom creation just for you.

I want to get a photo printed on my cake – how do I send you the photo?

Photos on cakes are fantastic!  The easiest way is to email us your favourite picture in JPEG or similar format (not embedded in a document).

  • The clearer the photo the better it will look on the cake so choose a good quality photo and send it to us in the largest format possible (don’t shrink it to email it).
  • Sending from your smartphone? Choose the photo from your camera roll, select send by email, type in , put your name and party date as the subject then select “actual size” when prompted to choose the photo size.
  • If you have a “real” photo (printed on paper) you can scan and email it to us or bring it in for us to scan.
  • Feeling technologically challenged? Call us for help and we will be happy to walk you through the process.
  • Can you edit my photo? We can do some editing (change the background, crop out certain elements, combine two people from separate photos etc.) but the level of suitability is determined on an individual basis.
  • We can add a greeting to your photo at no extra charge – just let us know what you would like written on the cake.
  • Can I see a proof of my design before you make my cake? No – in order to avoid extra administration charges we do not send a proof ahead of time for your approval.
What is the best cake for me to send to school for my daughter’s birthday?

Please check with your school, child care centre or kindergarten if they have special requirements. Nut free is always best for schools and we can also supply egg/nut/dairy/gluten free options.  Generally a square or rectangular cake is much easier to cut and serve to a class.

Do you make anything vegan?

We have a growing range of delicious vegan items – from cookies to wedding cakes we’ve got you covered.

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